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Direcção da EUROMIL

Emmanuel JACOB

Nationality: Belgian
Military rank: Chief Warrant Officer

Emmanuel Jacob has been the elected President of EUROMIL since September 2006. He is founding member of the Belgian all ranks association ACMP-CGPM and was their elected Secretary General from 1991 till the end of November 2011. Additionally, he is administrator and former Vice President of the “Central Service of Social and Cultural Action” and administrator and Vice President of the Belgian Veteran Institute. Since March 2010 he is coordinator of the defence sector for the health insurance company Euromut. Emmanuel Jacob joined the Belgian Armed Forces in March 1979 and is now Chief Warrant Officer. He studied social sciences at Genk Academy.

Flemming D. VINTHER

Nationality: Danish
Military rank: First Class

Flemming D. Vinther is elected Board member of EUROMIL since November 2008. He is furthermore the elected chairman of the Danish trade union of Enlisted Privates and Corporals of the Danish Army (HKKF) since 2004. Flemming Vinther holds several positions of trust, such as chairman of the Central Federation of State Employees’ Organisations and hence chairman for all state employees in Denmark. Flemming Vinther’s counterpart in this position is the Minister of Finance. Additionally, he is deputy chairman in the organisation of public employees, chairman of the section of state employees, member of the executive committee of the federation of Danish trade unions, which covers all skilled and unskilled workers as well as employees with short or medium length educations in the private as well as the public sector. Furthermore, he is chairman of the co-operation between the unions of all services and all ranks with the Chief of Defense as his counterpart in negotiations. He is an active serving Private First Class in the Danish Royal Lifeguard and has served for five months in F.Y.R.O.M..

Ton de ZEEUW

Nationality: Dutch

Ton de Zeeuw was elected Board member of EUROMIL in November 2008. He resigned his commission as a captain of the Dutch gendarmerie to take up his current position as elected chairman of the Dutch military trade union MARVER/FNV in 2008. He started his military career in 1986. He held different operational positions and was deployed on international mission in Sinai, Egypt (MFO). He holds a Master degree in Public Management.


Nationality: Irish
Military Rank: Battalion Quarter Master Sgt(WO)

Simon Devereux was elected to the position of Deputy General Secretary of PDFORRA on 22 June 2002, he is the Staff side Secretary of the Conciliation and Arbitration Scheme and he is also the PDFORRA National Training Officer. Prior to his election he was a full time official serving as Regional Liaison Officer. He joined the Defence Forces in 1974 and have served in a number of locations both at home and overseas. Simon has been involved with PDFORRA since its inception over twenty years ago and has served at all levels of the Association, he was elected to the EUROMIL Board on 29 April 2012.


Nationality: German
Military Rank: Captain

Jörg Greiffendorf was elected Board member of EUROMIL in October 2012. He is a member of the Federal Board of DBwV and represents the members of the joint support service – with about 70.000 military and civilian personnel, the joint support service is the second-largest major organisational element of the German Armed Forces since 2005. Additionally, Jörg Greiffendorf is a member of the Network European Movement Germany. He is an active soldier in the Bundeswehr logistics center in Wilhelmshaven, Germany’s largest garrison and he is also a member of the Main Personnel Committee of the Ministry of Defence.

Jesper K. HANSEN

Nationality: German
Military Rank: Captain

Jesper Korsgaard Hansen is elected Board member of EUROMIL since October 2012. In 2007 he was elected as Chairman of the Central Association of Permanent Defence Personnel (CS) in Denmark, and he is also Deputy Chairman of CO10, the main organisation of 40.000 members employed by the state. He started his military career as sergeant in the Danish Armed Forces in 1984, where he first served as gunsmith. He became later Warrant officer II and section leader, military teacher, staff officer in charge and the daily leader and safety advisor for the working environment. He has a Graduate Diploma Commerce in HRD, Economic and IT. Several positions of trust in the local community have also been part of his carreer.

Stavros KYROU

Nationality: Cypriot
Military Rank: Captain(Inf)

Stavros Kyrou was elected Board member of EUROMIL in 2012. He is a founding member of the Cyprus Army Officers Association (CAOA) and an elected member of its Board since 2008. He joined the Cypriot armed forces as an Infantry officer in 2001, after having studied 4 years at the Hellenic military academy. Stavros Kyrou is an active serving soldier. He is currently serving in a frontline unit at the ceasefire line between Cyprus army and Turkish troops.


Nationality: Spanish
Military Rank: Warrant Officer(NAVY)

Antonio Leon was elected Board member in October 2012. He is one of AUME’s founding and Board members since 2004. Until 2010 he worked as AUME International and EUROMIL Delegate. Antonio Leon joined the Spanish Navy in February 1980. He was deployed in several International and Operational Mission: Desert Shield and Storm (Persian Gulf), Sharp Guard (Former Yugoslavia) and NATO Support to African Union (NS2AU-Ethiopia). He was also assigned in Joint Force Commanding NATO HQ for 3 year. He is currently in active duty as Air Traffic Controller in Airfield Rota Naval Station.


Nationality: Slovenian
Military Rank: Slovenian army officer

Gvido Novak was elected Board member of EUROMIL in October 2012. He is a founding member and the elected Chairman of the Syndicate of soldiers of Slovenia (SVS) since 2009. In 1989 he served in the Yugoslav armed forces as a conscript (Banja Luka). He joined the Slovenian armed forces as a private in 1991 after the war for Slovenian independence, from which he became a veteran. Gvido Novak is a traffic engineer and an expert for military movements and transport. He was deployed in international missions in Bosnia in 2000 (MSU/SFOR) and he is still in active service. He works as an officer in the Center for development and research of the Slovenian armed forces and he is a national representative in several NATO working groups.